Flexible solutions for Unity 3D projects

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Fast and lightweight CSV/XLSX documents reader

FlexReader is a mono/.net library that greatly reduces the time and effort needed to read Microsoft Excel files. It supports both CSV(comma separated values) and XLSX(Excel 2007) formats. FlexReader also provides class mapping, which is able to converts raw data records directly into object collections.



In-Editor C# scripts compiler

FlexCompiler is a Unity3D editor extension intended as a handy tool for both asset publishers and game developers. It's a simple GUI wrapper for csharp compilers(mcs, gmcs, smcs, csc, roslyn, etc.) to turn source codes to assemblies(dlls) right in Unity editor. It also features a basic obfuscation functionality(currently experimental).


Advanced Resource Engine

Resource management and object pooling system

Advanced Resource Engine provides you with in-editor resource management, object pooling, sprite management, audio playback, async downloading, etc. Access resources easily using string keys. No more mess in scripts. The integrated pooling system also helps to improve your game performance. And it is allowed to dynamically access sprites sliced by Unity’s Sprite Editor for draw call saving. It is especially recommended for projects with a large amount of resources.



Powerful tweening library

FlexTween is a lightweight and extensible tweening library. Besides basic features(duration, delay, easing curves, looping), it also has convenient features like timescale ignoring, auto-start, inversing, custom curves, and special features like method chaining, tween event callbacks, pausing and resuming, parallel and sequential compounds, step tweeners etc. With FlexTween, you're able to tween almost everything in a single line of code or by components in GUI editor.


Advanced CSV Engine

CSV parsing/mapping engine for Unity3D

Advanced CSV Engine is the perfect solution for CSV users. It provides you with useful features including class mapping, type converting, custom type converter implementing, file encoding formats converting and CSV to c# class generating. All you need to do is to map the data class(data structure of row), then you can get the right data from target CSV file with a single line of code. No more annoying loop-parsing and type-converting.